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BioOptico Leaves LEAD

BioOptico “graduates” from the business incubator LEAD, LiU Entrepreneurship And Development, after three years of world class business coaching.

“Lead is a business incubator backing up start-ups with high-growth potential in any vertical. World class business coaching and a quality assured process develops lead companies and management teams. We push our companies to create enthusiastic customers and prepare companies for sustainable growth, where success is created through reaching milestones. Over and over again.” http://www.leadincubator.se

Demonstrator Light

BioOptico is rewarded the “Demonstrator Light” grant from the Knowledge Foundation, The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, The Vårdal Foundation and Invest in Sweden Agency, specifically aimed at sustained growth within the company’s otoscopy business.


The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

BioOptico’s innovations are mentioned in the annual speech by the president of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

“IVA members and invited guests came from all over the world to attend the 89th Annual Meeting. On Friday, 24th of October at the Stockholm Concert Hall in Stockholm, nearly 900 guests listened to Björn O. Nilsson, President of IVA, giving his first annual address about progress in research and technology. This year’s focus was on the field of innovations and entrepreneurial skills.”


BioOptico Wins the Skapa Award

BioOptico wins the SKAPA award in the memory of Alfred Nobel, for best innovation in Östergötland.


The jury’s explanation: “BioOptico develops technology for improving the video information that the orthopaedic surgeon sees on the monitor during arthroscopy. By using software filters, better images and new important information can be presented in real-time. The technology is based on the company’s patented spectral method for detecting and quantifying lesions in joint cartilage surfaces. BioOptico is assigned the SKAPA award because of:

  • A great creative step and technical edge.
  • A unique patented method that reduces the risk of erroneous diagnosis and treatment.
  • A product adjusted to the customer’s needs.
  • Good international and commercial potential.
  • A company and product in tune with the times

Letter Of Intent

BioOptico signs letter of intent with market leading American arthroscopy manufacturer.