BioOptico develops unique augmented reality tools for endoscopy and other video applications in medicine.

Augmented Arthroscopy

Normal cartilage, degenerated cartilage and subchondral bone vary in optical properties as well as in texture properties. In arthroscopy we enhance and visualize these tissue states and regions in the live arthroscopy video stream. The resulting video is used for assisting in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up surgery, as well as in patient communication.

Augmented Otoscopy

A normal tympanic membrane varies in color and shape to a tympanic membrane seen in acute otitis media or serous otitis, due to factors such as blood content, membrane thickness, pressure and effusion in the middle ear. In otoscopy we enhance and visualize these tissue characteristics in the live otoscopy stream. The resulting video is used for assisting in differentiating the three conditions, for instance to aid in antibiotic prescription.

New Directions

We are constantly working with and looking for new augmented reality applications in medicine. In addition to more classical endoscopy we are pioneering augmented reality in medicine using smartphones and augmented/virtual reality platforms. Contact us to take part in this exciting journey!

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What's New

Research Grant Candidate

In high competition, BioOptico is selected by Sweden’s innovation agency VINNOVA as a candidate for the grant “Innovationsprojekt i företag”.

New Offices

BioOptico expands and opens a new office in central Linköping, Sweden.

Patent Application Published

BioOptico patent application “Camera arrangement and image processing method for quantifying tissue structure and degeneration” is published.